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Bouncing Light Balls

Sarah Nova has been singing since she was only four years old and it has been her undying passion ever since. Growing up in Fenton, Michigan, she found herself wanting to branch out and develop her talents by moving to Atlanta.

Sarah's voice can be described as a blend between Leona Lewis and Linda Ronstadt. She acoustically performs various lively and well-known songs ranging from the 60’s to today. Her niche is diva pop ballads, however, she enjoys adding her own sound to all songs she covers. 

She truly enjoys catering to the audience for each performance. From cocktail hour vibes to late night dance party, Sarah Nova can do it all! 

Ensemble Examples

Sarah Nova 7 Piece -Chalktoberfest Live at Marietta Square 2022

Sarah Nova 5 Piece - Live at Taste of Marietta 2022

Sarah Nova 4 Piece 

Sarah Nova Acoustic Duo

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